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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I love my coffee

So it looks like the furloughs are going to happen. On to crunching that budget and (hopefully!) still have enough for a family vacation.
I am already bringing my thermos of coffee to work everyday. I like, no, LOVE my coffee. So far we have switched to store brand coffee (since we are not coffee snobs) and I have switched to powdered, store brand creamer. We are sure to buy dark roast, that way we do not have to put as much coffee in the filter and it goes a little longer. Changing brands saves us about 8 dollars a month. (I have never been the type to spend 5 dollars on a fancy cup of Joe ) If I could save more I would. However, no creamer or no coffee is NOT an option.
Now that is not to say that i never indulge in a Starbucks's Mocha Frappe. We all know how yummy those are.
To celebrate my love of coffee, especially the budget friendly kind I changed my desktop.
I think it fits.

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