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Monday, March 4, 2013

Grocery store excitement

Saving money is one of my favorite things.Actually my favorite work is "FREE" followed closely by "Clearance."
I love to see the savings on the bottom of my grocery receipt. I am an avid coupon clipper. Not like those women you see on TV who pay only 25 cents a trip, but I still like those little pieces of paper.
So to save money on the grocery bill without making it a full time job I exercise three rules of restraint:
1. Only buy snacks when they are on sale AND there is a coupon. I love buying boxes of special K bars 5 for ten dollars, then applying 5 dollar of coupons. On double coupon days that scores me ten boxes for only the 5% tax. Not bad at all. And those 5 boxes will supply a months worth of school snacks for the Kindergardener.
2. Water it down. My kids love cow milk. They love Almond milk. I do not like the hormones in cow milk, so initially I switched them over to almond milk. The price difference shocked me! At 3.75 a half gallon the Almond milk came up to over twice the price of the skim milk. My solution? Buy 1 gallon of whole milk, water it down to make a gallon and a half. Then buy my normal 3 half gallons of Almond milk. In turn I am saving 2.80 a week by watering down the whole milk and have upped the amount of overall milk available for the week.
3. Learn to sew.
I have yet to buy a set of curtians for my home. Repurpose. Curtains can run in the hundreds per room. I can buy the fabric in the dollar bin at the store and sew it at home for a tiny fraction of the price. Curtains, table cloths, towels, etc. are nice easy squares. I also bought an off season tablecloth for 3 dollars and made curtians for my daughters room. I will turn pants into shorts, dresses into skirts, and frayed towels into washcloths or hand towels.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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